Are you a buyer?

Einkaufswagen Symbol.svg.png

Use BEARING X for direct digital sourcing from other traders

See all the offers of the common dealers in Europe and compare prices.
The auction function allows you to bid on strategically interesting stocks.
​​Via Bearing X you can post requests and put parts of your shopping list there. Other merchants can respond to your requests and sell you there goods at the price you want. This way they even take over some of your work.
Get direct access to the inventories of european-wide roller bearing distributors and bypass the scarcity of resources

Are you a seller?

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Use BEARING X as your digital sales channel to sell directly to other traders

Quickly and easily upload your stocks and trade there directly with other traders.
Using the auction function you can market your goods directly without having to show prices.
Use BEARING X to expand your sales across Europe.